Punctilious Beer Review: BARREL AGED STOUT FEST!!!

Alright folks, a little different format for this one. I don’t think this will be an exactly permanent thing, but I need to churn out some reviews so I can drink more beer (it’s a good problem, let’s be honest). So for this Punctilious Review, I am doing four beers alongside each other, that’s right FOUR! These are all barrel aged stouts, and were all had during the same session (don’t worry I didn’t drink whole beers, I had help from my family). If you have ever read one of my punctilious beer reviews and thought to yourself “man that was amazing, I wish there were three more of these combined into one!!!” Then congrats! this is for you! Hopefully this will be as fun for you as it was for me to drink them! Hold tight, and welcome to a special edition of the Punctilious Review series: STOUT FEST!

Punctilious Beer Review: Right Brian Brewery - North Shore Iron Works

This beer makes me wish there were more widely available barleywines, it really is a fantastic style of beer. The potential for loads of deep, complex flavors is always there. This is a good offering coming from Right Brain Brewery, not the greatest barleywine I’ve ever had, but very easily in the top tier of them. A very drinkable entry point into a fantastic beer type, one that is easily worth a try.

Punctilious Beer Review: 3 Floyds Brewing - Owd Engwish

It is crazy to me that this is a 3 Floyds bottle that is one of only 261 bombers. It reminds me of the good old days when it wasn’t hard to get a seat in the brewpub, hell it reminds me of the days where the wait was only ten minutes for the brewpub! It reminds me of when I didn’t have to wait in any line to buy bombers of various beers, or cases of zombie dust. On one hand I am incredibly glad in the success that 3 Floyds has found, if anyone out there deserves it is probably them. However it does make me think about the merits of craft-beer, and if anything gets ruined in the commercialization of the hobby.

Punctilious Beer Review: Bell's Brewery - Two Hearted Ale

I really enjoy this beer, as hopefully the review mirrored. One of my first foyers into the world of hoppy IPAs, Bells Two Hearted has been a constant throughout my beer drinking life. There isn’t much to say, this is a fantastic beer that I haven’t had in a few years due to moving out of the midwest, and coming back to it just now has been a great time. If you’re lucky enough to live where this is distributed, chances are you understand the awesomeness that is this beer.