Punctilious Beer Review: Short's Brewing Co. - Critterless

Things are coming together, a sour ale brewed with cherries and mango, the cherries dominate here, with the mango playing third string duties here. This is actually a new one for me from Shorts, I have never heard of this particular brew but am overall impressed, I love most everything that Short’s puts out, they have everything from extremely drinkable summer brews to some wintery fireside slow-sippers. I am adding this to my list of summer must have beers, it is simply too tasty to not drink this by a summer-time bonfire on the beach. Also, I am 1000000% surprised at the ABV, there is zero alcohol flavor and that is very impressive, if not exceptionally dangerous.

Punctilious Beer Review: Treehouse Brewing Co. - Doubleganger

I’m admittedly much more of a west coast IPA guy, I like being hit over the head with evergreen bitterness, then finding the fruit flavors intertwined. However with these new IPAs they are much more fruit forward with the bitterness as an afterthought, and I’m still coming to grasp with it. This beer has made me more okay with this, and I’m excited to try some more Treehouse beers.

Punctilious Beer Review: Maine Beer Co. - Dinner

Dinner… Maine Beer Co’s magnum opus IPA, a response to their own beer ‘lunch’. This was by far the best beer release I have been to, we got the tickets the day before the event, drove two hours in the early New England morning, only to come to a brewery with zero line, and a couple pallets of cases of dinner. It was in, spend too much on beer, then out in a matter of five minutes, for an exceptionally sought after beer. I was astounded. Plus, it was a fantastic late summer early morning drive.